Carbonara, the ultimate hypertext? A post @NPR (and more @UniSG)

From the department of “food for thought”… Text, extratext, metatext, paratext… None intrigues me more than hypertext. “hypertext, text which does not form a single sequence and which may be read in various orders” (Oxford English Dictionary). In 1997, critical theorist Gérard Genette, a giant among literary scholars, wrote: “Our ‘media’ age has seen the […]

Carbonara: a clue to understanding its origins?

Above: My wife Tracie P’s Carbonara. As Charles Scicolone would say, I am truly blessed. Italian cuisine is a world cuisine. Even in its most perverse expressions (Olive Garden?), it is immediately and unmistakably recognizable. And while French haute cuisine remains one of world’s benchmark for fine dining, Italian gastronomy is perhaps the world’s most […]

Carbonara, a new theory for its origins and name

Above: Tracie P adds onion to her Carbonara, just another idiosyncratic — and delicious — interpretation of this recipe (the above was one of the dishes in last night’s dinner at our house). Premise Perhaps more than any other recipe in the Italian gastronomic canon, spaghetti alla carbonara and its origins have perplexed and eluded gastronomers […]

Do Bianchi blue Monday, Air Guitar Tuesday (and bonus carbonara porn)

I just had to share this image, snapped last night at Vino Vino in Austin, where Hammond B-3 player Mike Flanigin and Gary Clark Jr. have been performing on Mondays. To my palate, Gary is one of the greatest blues players in the world today and to get to hear him play in small room […]