Declassified Dettori 06 Cannonau Renosu & carnitas at Bahia Don Bravo (La Jolla)

Last year I was lucky to pick up a case of 2006 Romangia Rosso Renosu by Dettori (Sassari, Sardinia), Alessandro Dettori’s declassified Cannonau from the “uneven” 2006 vintage there (as Antonio Galloni has called it). The U.S. retailer and Alessandro don’t seem to be on the same page as to why the wine was declassified […]

Don’t read my wine blog (and great things I ate in San Diego)

Above: Fish tacos at Jaynes Gastropub (served only during happy hour). So good with the Grüner Veltliner by Domäne Wachau by-the-glass. As my lovely and most definitely better half Tracie P will surely agree: it is a rare occasion that I am left speechless. Today is such an occasion. I was left entirely FLOORED by […]

Mexican porn: Bahia adds tortilla soup to its menu

Above: Bahia Don Bravo’s new Tortilla Soup was too sexy to resist. No trip home to La Jolla where I grew up is complete without a visit to Bahia. Tracie B and I returned late last night to Austin from San Diego where we met a lot of great people, poured and tasted a lot […]

Brooklyn Guy in da house at Bahia

Jon and Jayne brought 2006 Sinskey Vin Gris for our dinner with Brooklyn Guy and Brooklyn Lady in La Jolla. When Brooklyn Guy and Brooklyn Lady sat down with me over ceviche tostadas, camaronillas (deep-fried corn tortillas stuffed with shrimp), grilled mahi mahi and battered and fried pollock tacos the other night at Bahia Don […]

Someday Tracie B will be is now Tracie P!

Photo by Alfonso. An earthquake struck San Diego early Monday morning but Tracie P and me didn’t have anything to do with that… ;-) How could our wedding be complete without ceviche at Bahia in Bird Rock? That’s where we had our rehearsal dinner. Only one of the Texans present had ever had a camaronilla. […]

Orange wine awaits at the beach

Above: Not everything we’re going to taste in San Diego on Sunday at Jaynes Natural Wine Summit will be as orange and cloudy as this Picrate (Chenin Blanc from the Loire) that Alice, Tracie B, and I shared last February in Paris. Seems that everyone who is someone is talking about “orange wine” these days. […]

How I stay so thin

From the “just for fun” department… WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES FOLLOW! People ask me all the time how I stay so thin when I work in the food and wine industry and indulge — perhaps too often — in the hedonist pleasures of eating and drinking. Yesterday, after the nth photo of a Jaynes Burger (my […]