Aldo Vacca speaks [Barbaresco] Moccagatta/Muncagota

When I tasted with Produttori del Barbaresco export/sales director Aldo Vacca last year at Vinitaly, he showed the cooperative winery’s “new” label. “Every year our importer asks for us a ‘new’ product for the market,” he told me with his signature sheepish grin. “We didn’t really have anything new and so we decided to rename […]

06 Barbaresco: a final (?) clarification from Aldo Vacca, Produttori del Barbaresco

Above: As my good friend and top sommelier David Rosoff will tell you, “I learned more about Barbaresco talking to Aldo Vacca for 10 minutes” than I have in my whole career. I wanted to draw your attention to a comment made by winemaker Aldo Vacca, Produttori del Barbaresco, posted the other day here at […]

2006 Produttori del Barbaresco: an important clarification from Aldo Vacca

From the “department of keeping the world safe for Italian wine”… Above: I tasted with winemaker Aldo Vacca at Produttori del Barbaresco in March 2010. Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am one of the wineries hugest fans. Reader Ken wrote me a private message recently, asking if I’d seen an email blast […]

From the archives: interview with Aldo Vacca, winemaker Produttori del Barbaresco

Fortune has smiled on me lately: I’ve had the opportunity to taste a lot of 2004 and 2005 Barbaresco and 2006 Langhe Nebbiolo by Produttori del Barbaresco side-by-side over the last few weeks and it’s been really great to see how the 04 has been evolving in bottle, to experience the differences between the 04 […]

A quick confabulation with Aldo Vacca, winemaker and president, Produttori del Barbaresco

Earlier this year, Produttori del Barbaresco’s president and winemaker Aldo Vacca (left) took time out from his importer’s grand portfolio tasting to talk to me about recent vintages and the cooperative’s approach to winemaking. Produttori del Barbaresco has always stood apart for its steadfast traditionalist approach to winemaking. Where do you see Produttori in relation […]

Breaking news: Nebbiolo power brokers agree to create Piemonte Nebbiolo DOC

Above: Nebbiolo grapes ripening this week in an appellation that lies outside the hallowed Langhe Hills. If approved, new Piedmont appellation regulations would allow growers across the region to label their Nebbiolo as “Piemonte Nebbiolo DOC.” Currently, only growers in select townships can use the grape name in labeling. According to a person familiar with […]

Nebbiolo: Grape Name Pronunciation Project

CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE EPISODES. Video by Tracie P. Aldo Vacca from Produttori del Barbaresco was in town last week and he graciously agreed to appear in the seventh episode of the Italian Grape Name Pronunciation Project. (You can read about Aldo’s Texas adventures here on Alfonso’s blog). Thanks again to everyone for submitting […]

How to make unsulfured wine (one man’s method) and are pharmaceutical yeasts unavoidable?

Above: Angiolino Maule didn’t know us from Adam and Eve when I called him in January asking if we could visit his winery and vineyards. By the end of the visit, we had become fast friends (sometimes it helps to speak Italian with a Veneto accent!). If you follow along here at the blog, you […]

04 Barbaresco Montestefano by Produttori del Barbaresco, a wine Gramsci would approve of

Above: I love it when you drop in on someone and they just happen to be opening single-vineyard designated Produttori del Barbaresco! Yesterday, while meeting with Tony in Houston, one of his clients asked me, “if you could only choose one Italian red wine to recommend for value and quality, what would it be?” Anyone […]