Charlie Hebdo wine labels: goûtez la différence!

charlie hebdo wine labelsHonestly, I’m still reeling from the news of last week’s tragedy in Paris, a city to which I feel a strong connection because of my many visits there, the times I’ve performed there with my French-language band Nous Non Plus, and my many friends who live there.

The attacks affect all of us, no matter where we stand. They cut to the core of our ethos — whether eastern or western — and they surely represent a turning point in how the west will view and deal with the growing threat of terror.

As a Jew, I’m also deeply troubled by the anti-semitic nature of the super market massacre and by the fact that the French government has been obliged to mobilize its armed forces to protect Jewish sites. Yes, sadly and tragically, it’s come to this.

But this morning I was struck by a delightful however bittersweet note of levity as I scrolled the morning feed and discovered a wonderful post devoted to wine labels drawn by Charlie Hebdo contributors on Intravino, the popular Italian wine blog.

Intravino editor Antonio Tomacelli has put together a digital collection of hilarious and often bawdy labels, many culled from Professeur Choron’s journal Hara-Kiri.

All five of the vignettists who perished last week, he notes, had also drawn wine labels.

Here’s the link to Antonio’s fabulous post.

Tomorrow, I’ll pick it up here on Do Bianchi once again.

À bientôt

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