Happy birthday Georgia P! I am the luckiest daddy in the world

happy birthday georgia pMy goodness, Georgia, today is your third birthday!

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

I picked the photo above for your happy birthday post because it really captures your personality.

You are always smiling and so playful and you love to be outside. And you love playing in the park.

You LOVE the color purple and you love picking out the clothes you wear.

You’re a healthy, bright little girl and now that you are talking all the time, it’s so much fun to talk about the world and read books and play games with you.

But the thing that fills me with more joy than any other is how much you love to sing!

I’ll never forget the first time you looked up at me from your changing table and finished the line of a song I was singing to you, “I wanna be a producer” from “The Producers.”

Now, you know the nearly all the words to that song and you know the words to a bunch of songs from “Annie.”

Whenever I ask you what you’re favorite song is, you always tell me that it’s “Maybe”:

Maybe far away,
Or maybe real near by.
He may be pouring her coffee,
She may be straightening his tie.
Maybe in a house,
All hidden by a hill.
She’s sitting playing piano,
He’s sitting paying a bill.

It’s a sad song sung by a little girl who doesn’t know her parents. It always makes mommy and me get a little weepy when you sing it because our hearts burst with love.

Mommy’s baking you a cake for your birthday party tomorrow and later today, you and I are going out for a birthday lunch and a visit to the music store to get you a harmonica.

O sweet Georgia, I am the luckiest daddy in the world: if someone had asked me to dream up the perfect daughter — so beautiful, so smart, and so full of joy and music — I would have dreamed of you.

Mommy, your sister Lila Jane, and I love you so much. I can’t think of a happier day than the day we remember when you came into this world and brought your bright light into our lives.

Happy birthday, sweet Georgia P!

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