An East Texas high school reunion

in the poolJust had to share some pics and notes from our Saturday night: for the first time since Georgia P was born, we spent a night away from the girls and attended Tracie P’s twentieth high school reunion.

That’s Tracie in the photo above, far left.

She grew up in Orange, Texas, attending West Orange-Stark High School. But the event was held at L’Auberge Casino in Lake Charles, Louisiana, about forty minutes east of Orange by car from her hometown.

It was super fun…

highwayIt was hard to tear ourselves away from the girls. But, man, we needed some alone time. They stayed over night at nanna and bawbaw’s in Orange.

henriot champagneI surprised Tra with a chilled bottle of Henriot Blanc de Blanc, the wine we drank on our outbound flight on our honeymoon. As Tra likes to say, “we never leave home without it.”

auberge casino lake charlesWe spent the day in the pool with Tra’s classmates. Everyone was so nice and it was sweet to hear the many OMG! It’s so great to see you’s!

high school reunion texasIt was so wonderful to see Tra enjoying her classmates and catching up. If you look carefully, you can see her to the right in the class photo. She is so beautiful and I love her so much.

shrimp po boy steam boat bill lake charlesLouisiana is one of our country’s food meccas. But because it is a Catholic state, most of the top places are closed on Sunday.

But not Steamboat Bill’s on I-10. We were worried that it might be too commercial but when we arrived, we discovered that it is the real deal. The food was great: étouffée, gumbo, rice and beans, and a shrimp po boy for me. Highly recommended…

tracie high schoolWhen I was in high school, I could only dream about talking to a pretty girl like Tracie P. But, hey, you know what? Even schlubs get lucky sometimes…

3 thoughts on “An East Texas high school reunion

  1. We never drive past Steamboat Bill’s without stopping. Amazingly good Cajun food for an Interstate Highway location. Wish I had known you were going, I would have made sure you had Boudin Balls and a Pistolette or two. You might consider the Baked Potato with Etouffee’ next time, Jan’s favorite. (They could use some help with the wine list)

    You are, indeed, one lucky schlub. I think I can say, without offense, that we both married way out of our league. Certainly much better than either of us expected.

    • Bubba, Steamboat Bill’s was fantastic. And we did have a Pistolette (and I saw a table nearby with the baked potato topped with étouffée). I’ll make sure to come extra hungry next time and stock up on some boudin balls, too.

      When are you bringing Jan to Houston so we can have dinner at Tony’s together? We’d love that…

      So glad that you and I belong to the same club… :)

  2. 2B, you were absolute reunion companion perfection! always there to refill my glass when needed, dancing away on the sidelines to give me time with old girlfriends :) that was really so much fun, thank you! i love you!

    bubba–the pistolette was delish. etoufee, red beans and rice, deep fried bread were just what the dr ordered for a morning after…i can’t remember how long it’s been since i ate at a restaurant in my hometown area and said “mmmmm” when i took a bite of something.

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