Bressan: racist comments stir outrage on social media

fulvio bressan racist wine

Above: A screen capture of Fulvio Bressan’s Facebook, taken yesterday shortly after 3 p.m. CST.

Racially charged comments posted on Facebook yesterday by Friulian grape grower and winemaker Fulvio Bressan have sparked outrage in the online food and wine community.

In a statement evidently addressed to Italian integration minister Cécile Kyenge — Italy’s first African-Italian minister — Bressan offered his opinion on a recently implemented government program that provides temporary housing for undocumented immigrants.

A transcription of his post (subsequently removed by him) and an English translation (mine) follow:

    hei… sporca SCIMMIA Nera… io NON PAGO le TASSE per mettere i tuoi amici GORILLA in HOTEL… per favore portateli a casa tua, dove puoi fare la grande con i tuoi soldi… Ops… Non sono tuoi neanche quelli… perché te li danno gli Italiani… NEGRA MANTENUTA di MERDA…

    hey, dirty Black MONKEY, I DON’T PAY TAXES to put your GORILLA friends up at a HOTEL. Please take them to your house where you can be the big shot with all that money of yours. Oops. That money isn’t even yours. Because Italians give you that money. YOU SHITTY NEGRO GOLD DIGGER.

The post was first brought to the attention of U.S.-based wine bloggers in a tweet posted late yesterday by Italian wine educator Hande Leimer who works and resides in Rome.

In a Facebook note posted today, Ms. Leimer shared a screen capture of Bressan’s comments with Facebook users.

By the early afternoon in Italy, the note had generated nearly eighty comments. Most were by outraged readers who condemned Bressan’s statements.

“Dear Mr. Bressan, you disgust me,” wrote one Facebook user. “What you wrote about Dr. Kyenge is unspeakable. I too will boycott your wines. Vergogna [shame on you]!”