Lenoir (Austin), anniversary dinner

lenoir austin menu

Tracie P and I celebrated our third anniversary this weekend at Lenoir, Austin’s hippest restaurant these days.

We’re about seventeen weeks pregnant and Tracie P and Baby P 2013 are both doing great. And, wow, mommy is just the most beautiful glowing lady you’ve ever seen. It’s such a special time in our lives and I love her so much.

lenoir austin menu

Gulf shrimp cake, savoy cabbage, carrot puree, bok choy, shrimp pan sauce.

Mommy liked these so much she had a craving ex tempore and we had to ask our waiter to fire another order! :)

We’ve followed chef/owner Todd Duplechan since his days at Trio at the Four Seasons and it’s great to see the slamming success of his first restaurant here.

lenoir austin menu

Carrot salad, miso, Japanese turnip, seaweed salad.

I also really loved the tight, focused list by Mark Sayre. I did Nikolaihof Grüner Veltliner and the entry-tier Evening Land Bourgogne by the glass. The Evening Land surprised me with extreme freshness and zinging acidity. I loved it with the rabbit (at $13 a glass, great value for the food friendliness).

Chapeau bas, Todd and Mark!

And thanks for the great anniversary dinner.

2 thoughts on “Lenoir (Austin), anniversary dinner

    • thanks, man. Every time our anniversary comes around, I remember Brooklyn Guy looking me in the eye and telling me, dude, you’re going to find someone… you’re an okay guy AND you’re in a rock band… you guys have been so supportive over the years, in the worst times and the best… means the world to me… great to see you in nyc!

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