Alice’s restaurant & Natural salsa (?), gig 2nite in NYC on LES

The Nous Non Plus (my band) gig tonight at Fontana’s on the Lower Eastside NYC starts early tonight. We take the stage at 9 p.m. Please come to the show!

ostertag riesling

Carrying on a tradition that stretches back to my years living in the City (1997-2007), I spent the first evening of my NYC sojourn at Alice’s restaurant, where she prepared what will be the most wholesome meal of my trip (a good way to start a week of eating and tasting my way through the city; a lot of crazy restaurants lined up).

Alice gave the Ostertag Riesling the thumbs up. I thought it was pretty nifty, too.

alice soup

The main event was a vegetable-stock based soup (Alice doesn’t eat meat). The food at her house is always great but I really go for the kibitz.

amazona salsa roja aji

She recommended raising the heat with some salsa. Natural salsa? Probably not but delicious nonetheless.

clos roche blanche

Main course was accompanied by an old favorite, a wine that Alice turned me on to many, many years ago…

Stay tuned for NYC stories and please come see the show tonight if you’re in the city!

2 thoughts on “Alice’s restaurant & Natural salsa (?), gig 2nite in NYC on LES

  1. Nothing in that hot sauce but red amazon peppers, vinegar and salt. The green sauce is fantastic. Fun seeing you. Thanks for visiting your sick friend and have a brilliant gig tonight.

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