Letter to Georgia P on her first birthday

beautiful georgia

My darling Georgia P, today is your first birthday!

Happy, happy birthday to you, my love!

Mommy and I have lots of special presents for you and this weekend nanna and pawpaw and grandma Judy will be coming to Austin to celebrate this special occasion with us.

We’ll be giving you many special gifts. But none of them can rival the gifts that you given me.

Every laugh, every hug, every kiss… every one of them is a miracle… and every day with you brings so much joy into our lives…

But you have also given me something as unexpected as it is wonderful: since you came into our lives a year ago, you have given your father a capacity to love that he never knew before.

I love mommy, of course. I love her more than I ever loved anyone in my life (and I loved her even more for giving you to us).

But you, my precious Georgia P, you have taught me that my heart is bigger than I ever thought it could be. There are days when it swells up with so much love for you that I think it’s going to burst!

But it never does: it only grows bigger and bigger as you teach me that love — unconditional love — has no limits.

There are so many things I want to tell you and so much of the world that I want to share with you.

But today on your first birthday, I just want to thank you for the miraculous gift that you’ve given me.

I love you, precious child. I love you so very much…

Remember this song that we wrote together on the plane back from Italy? It will always remind me of our trip… Happy birthday, sweet baby!

9 thoughts on “Letter to Georgia P on her first birthday

    • Elaine, thanks so much for the wishes… we had such a good time celebrating Georgia P’s birthday this weekend (however surreal it was whenever we turned on the news… such sad news…). Maybe we can connect when I come to SF mid-Feb. abbraccione

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