Civic mourning today in Genoa, crisis in Greece @Miti_Vigliero @MariaKaramitsos

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Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of victims of torrential rains in Genoa (Genova) and northwestern Italy: 6 persons died in Genoa on Friday and the city government has declared a day of civic mourning today.

The city is still under a flash flood watch, with more rains expected today and tonight.

Like many residents, writer, poet, humorist, educator, blogger Mitì Vigliero (aka Placida Signora, one of my favorite Italian-language blogs) has left the city for higher ground but she’s posting updates on the weather and emergency resources on her Twitter feed here.

Our thoughts and prayers also go out to the people of Greece, whose economy continues to be paralyzed by its government’s inability to move forward with the European Union debt deal.

I’ve been following Chicago-based Greek-American writer Maria Karamitsos’s Twitter feed for updates on the crisis.

2 thoughts on “Civic mourning today in Genoa, crisis in Greece @Miti_Vigliero @MariaKaramitsos

  1. I’ve been in love with Genova since 2008, and keep returning with my camera. This time I had not long flown in and set up home for the month when the deluge hit Cinque Terre. That was bad enough but suddenly it was Genova’s turn. A Genovese friend checked the weather predictions and was horrified by a weather pattern that looked a lot like the one that had flooded the city back in 1970. He was right.
    Being here during the flooding was an experience that showed me how unprepared I was for a civil emergency in a country not my own. But being here has also allowed me to witness is the solidarity the Genovese are showing as the clean-up goes on.

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