Italian old-school rope barometer

Sent to me by Italian-university-days roomate and super good friend, Steve Muench (scroll down for his self-portrait), who lives not far from the dorm where we first met in Padua, with his wife Sita and their beautiful daughters. He snapped this on their recent vacation in Umbria.

@Steve how long have we known each other? twenty-some odd years now? :-)


Rope Barometer

Dry Rope
Good Weather

Wet Rope

Rigid Rope

Invisible Rope

Flapping Rope

My favorite is “invisible rope [=] fog.” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Saturday like me and my Tracie P! :-)

7 thoughts on “Italian old-school rope barometer

  1. My favorite is “Corda Bagnata”. “Hang on a second, guys. Imma go check the rope to see if it’s raining.”

    Great Saturday to you, too Jeremy

  2. I’ve seen a bunch of those in various parts of the south, often intentionally misspelled and advertised as a redneck or hillbilly weather station. There’s some additional listings, like if the rope is warm, it’s sunny; if the rope is white, it’s snowing; if the rope is gone, take shelter!

    Glad to see some humor is universal.

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