Best airport food? Guess where…

Tracie B and I love to travel. No matter where we’re going, as long as we’re together, the trip to the airport is always a fun one for the two of us.

But the one thing that really sucks about traveling is the awful food options in airports. Even with all of today’s fancy concessions, the food is nearly always a smorgasbord of Sysco-kissed processed foods. Well, friends, I am here to tell ya that there is at least one airport in our country where there’s a local and very tasty food option. It may not look pretty but, man, I was so hungry yesterday by the time my lady and I got to the airport!

Salt Lick BBQ at the Austin airport:


The real thing (when I took Mama Judy there the other day while she was visiting us in Texas):



7 thoughts on “Best airport food? Guess where…

  1. Great food shots, esp the bottom with that rustic worn table and the Texas heavy Sauce just out of sharp. Great DOF as they say and layout. You really should do food stock photography as a side.

    I know most airports suck for food, but if you ever use Miami, at least they have a Versailles Cafe for Cuban food!

  2. and my clean, healthy austin java sandwich was perfectly complemented by those greasy salt and vinegar ‘tater chips in the background.

    good food or bad, it’s always more fun with you, 2B! :)

  3. Oregano is a long time favorite. Mix oregano with vegetable juices, tomato juice, pizza sauce and cheese spreads. Oregano is also perfect for vegetable soups. It also works great with stuffing for fish and works great with eggs.

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