any day now (Parzen family expansion update)

any day now

Any day now…

Georgia P arrived nine days before her “official” due date.

Baby P 2013′s due date is July 15 but the doctor says second-time mothers generally deliver early.

So mutatis mutandis, Parzen family expansion could happen any day now.

Little Georgia P doesn’t know how our lives are about to change and we’re really enjoying these last few days as a family of three. She’s such a sweet girl and she sure knows how to make her daddy melt with her smile…

cutest little girl ever

6 Responses to any day now (Parzen family expansion update)

  1. tricerapops says:

    how exciting!!!!!!! Georgia P’s smile is seriously too cute.

  2. Do Bianchi says:

    thanks, Jesse. We’re slowly catching up to you! ;) we are really excited and this is a really special time for us. But Tracie P is ready for this baby to get here! :)

  3. joshiemac says:

    Best of luck. That’s an amazing time and place to be.

  4. Vinogirl says:

    How cute is that smile? Adorable.

  5. tracie p says:

    she is a very sweet girl! can’t wait to see how the next turns out :)

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