incredible dinner @SottoLA last night with my ladies

Georgia P has so much fun in restaurants… she LOVED Sotto last night in Los Angeles (where daddy works).

Involtini di melanzane, classic eggplant rolls cooked in tomato. Chefs Zach and Steve are really reaching new and even greater heights with their cooking these days…

Fusilli di grano arso al ragù di coniglio e porcini, toasted wheat fusilli with rabbit and porcini ragù. This dish was tough to photograph but amazing, balanced in its flavors and textures, and the pasta cooked perfectly al dente. This might be my top dish for 2012.

Rapini (cime di rapa) con collatura, broccoli raab with garum (anchovy sauce), so simple and so delicious.

Sardinian pane frattau, classic Sardinian pane carasau (crunchy, thin, savory flatbread) that has been soaked in water, layered (in this case) with pork innards, topped with an egg (look at the color of that yolk!), and baked. This dish will definitely go in my top dishes of 2012 post at the end of the year.

Many erroneously believe that frattau means fretta or hurry in Sardinian. But it’s more likely that it means grated, possibly akin to franto.

Amazing meal… truly amazing… a note on the wine will follow later today… stay tuned!

4 Responses to incredible dinner @SottoLA last night with my ladies

  1. You had me at the eggplant….

  2. I have to come to L.A. for meetings the follow week. I cannot wait to try SottoLA. I’m sure after I get my fill of sushi, I will be jones for some delicious Italian food.

    Are you going to be in L.A.?

  3. that should be “jonesing”!

  4. Do Bianchi says:

    Samantha, remember Michael Franks’ song, “Eggplant”?

    Arlene, I won’t be back in LA until mid-November when we’ll be doing the Cornelissen dinner. If you go to Sotto, please let me know… :)

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