First bite: @MyLifeItalian eats fave e cicorie & makes a wish (TY @PaoloCantele)

When you visit Le Zie in Lecce for the first time, owner Carla Perrone insists that you let her feed you your first bite of fave e cicorie (favas and green chicory), a classic dish of Puglia.

And as she feeds it to you, she asks you to esprimere un desiderio… to make a wish…

I visited this wonderful restaurant for the first time in June 2011 and made a wish. It came true: I couldn’t wish for anything more than Georgia P and Tracie P.

I can only wonder what Tracie P wished for. She won’t tell… ;)

Thanks again, Paolo, for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in the world!

2 Responses to First bite: @MyLifeItalian eats fave e cicorie & makes a wish (TY @PaoloCantele)

  1. Dea Elmi says:

    Fave e Cicioria…mmmm bontà divina, e da tanto che non mangio una pietanza del genere, buon viaggio, giù in Sicilia si mangia in tardi autunno. Saluti dalla vs città Austin. :-) Dea.

  2. filena says:

    hi Paolo,
    sembri un po’ impacciato,ma ti sta bene una bimba in braccio!!!
    un abbraccio a tutti

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