Best summer wines, Anywhere, USA

Readers (and editors) love lists: today, the Houston Press posted my top five picks for under-$25 wines for the Texas summer.

It’s been really rewarding for me to share my palate with readers over there. I always keep it real, writing honestly and openly about wines we actually buy and drink and reviewing wines that I wouldn’t normally reach for.

The greatest reward comes when people either write me or stop me in a Houston restaurant to say, “now that I’m on to the low-alcohol and high acidity thing, I just can’t go back!”

Thanks, everyone, for reading and keeping up with it all.

Here’s the link to the post.

I can’t wait for Mrs. B. to taste the Darting Pfalz Scheurebe Spätlese Dürkheimer Spielberg!

4 Responses to Best summer wines, Anywhere, USA

  1. Glad to see the Botex, Bugey-Cerdon on your list. It was our daily bubbly last year. Really well-done and love the low-alcohol.

  2. orangewesley says:

    Me either Jeremy…….

  3. joshiemac says:

    I’ve been loving that Bugey-Cerdon. Way too easy to drink!

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