Pizza and Champagne (Socialists)

My treatise on Champagne and the 99 percenters today over at the Houston Press.

After all, one man’s pizza doesn’t have to be another’s poison…

4 Responses to Pizza and Champagne (Socialists)

  1. Just the sight of that label automatically puts a big fat grin on my face every time!

  2. Timely post! We were just talking about you over our Friday night homemade pizza tradition. Tonight we paired our “za” with a cote du rhone village and loved it (we’re boning up on French wines right now in anticipation of our Paris trip). It’s always fun to hear about other non-traditional pairings!

  3. cary murphy says:

    Fried chicken and Domaine Chandon Etoile is my wife’s favorite.

  4. Champagne goes with everything….and even if it doesn’t after one glass you don’ care.

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