Nuthin’ but a G thang: an updated list of DOCGs

I will spare you my Derridian dissertation on the différance that a G makes between the DOC and DOCG designations (nor will I comment on the superfluousness of the recent political jockeying that resulted in a DOCG boom for Italian winemakers).

As one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century once said, it ain’t nuthin’ but a G thang.

I will, however, point you to an updated list of DOCGs authored by Alfonso (above).

In other news…

Sunset yesterday in La Jolla where I’ve been busy delivering wine for my wine club Do Bianchi Wine Selections and visiting with mama Judy and Parzen brood (jamming out with nephew Cole after dinner last night, him on upright piano and me on guitar, was a highlight).

How does the song go?

3 Responses to Nuthin’ but a G thang: an updated list of DOCGs

  1. tracie p says:

    one, two, three onto the fo’.

  2. Sgt Sassafras says:

    Uh, 2B, yah need to come home now, dude…

  3. do bianchi is at yo door!
    great title here, i fully appreciate that shiz’
    i back calvin broadus for life!

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