Italy is my first love (but Burgundy is my mistress)

Anyone who knows me via my blog knows that I am a bibliophile. I love books. All sorts of books. And there is a very special section of our library devoted to food and wine books.

While I can always find a way to justify my splurges on books Italianate in nature, books devoted to the cult of fine French wine are a true luxury in our home.

That’s just one of the reasons why a gift given to me yesterday by my clients Lisa and Stan Duchman has all the more meaning.

Stan recently attended a private tasting with Mr. Allen Meadows and had him inscribe the book personally.

Does anyone remember who called me “Dr. J’ so famously for the first time?

Words cannot express my thrill at receiving this truly excellent gift! Thank you, Lisa and Stan, Tracie P and I LOVE IT!

Stan and Lisa were featured in the Austin American Statesman last week (photo by Mike Sutter).

Check out Eric the Red’s review of the Meadows book (fresh off the press!).

4 Responses to Italy is my first love (but Burgundy is my mistress)

  1. TWG says:

    Your supervising Professor?

  2. Burgundy will forever be my mistress too…..

  3. Do Bianchi says:

    @Adrian ding ding ding!

    @TWG and Samantha one of these days we’ll drink some Chablis and some Nebbiolo together…

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