We’ll miss you, Melvin… Rest in peace…

It fills Tracie P and me with great sadness to share the news that good friend to the B family, one of the nicest folks I’ve ever met, Melvin Croaker, left this world last night to pass to another.

Rev. B wrote a heartfelt eulogy for Melvin here.

It was on Xmas eve of 2009 that Melvin gave me my cowboy hat and a six-pack of Lonestar beer to welcome me to Texas and to the fold of the Branch and Croaker extended families.

As Melvin’s illness progressed, he spent a lot of time at home looking at Facebook. And in a way that may have not been possible a few years ago, he and I got to know each other by “following” each other — commenting and “liking” each others notes and posts.

I’ve worn that hat proudly in the Texas Hill Country, picking grapes (above).

I’ve worn that hat proudly in California

I wore that hat proudly in Italy, where I found out that a good cowboy hat comes in handy when you least expect it.

It was just the other day, posting from Sant’Angelo in Colle in Tuscany, that I wrote: “Wherever I lay my hat these days, I am reminded that Texas is my home (for MELVIN CROAKER).”

We’ll miss you very much, Melvin. Thanks, again, for my hat. I plan to put it to good use…

3 Responses to We’ll miss you, Melvin… Rest in peace…

  1. Alfonso says:

    what a sweet guy. so lucky to have met him…wishing him happy trails and perfect golfing…

  2. orangewesley says:

    J, Melvin loved you and so enjoyed inviting you to be a “true Texan,” as he told me several days before he passed.


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