The new vintages of López de Heredia have arrived in the Groovers Paradise!

Making the rounds of yesterday’s trade tastings in the Groover’s Paradise (aka Austin, Texas), I was extremely fortunate to get to taste the current releases from one of our favorite wineries in the world, López de Heredia, Viña Gravonia blanco and Viña Tondonia rosado 2000. Ten-year-old white and rosé wines. I was impressed by how bright the fruit is in these bottlings, unusual (to tell the truth) for this house, where savory and salty notes always seem to dominate. Can’t wait to crack these with Tracie P, ideally over some ceviche and tacos al pastor at Fonda San Miguel.

It was great to catch up with everyone after being away for so long, like wine professionals April Collins, Jeff Courington, and Lolly Thompson.

Wine broker extraordinaire Susana Partida was rocking the Bastianich.

When I see these two dudes, Craig Collins and Mark Sayre, I always “smile like a fool,” as my friend Thompson likes to say.

Rob was in fine Forman: SO MANY killer Italian wines in his book (Inama, Marchesi di Gresy, Selvapiana, Tenuta Sant’Antonio) from Dalla Terra.

This Valpolicella from Degani is a welcomed new arrival in my Groover’s Paradise. It was fresh and bright, juicy and delicious, the way I like it. And it should weigh in well under $20 retail according to importer Enotec.

How does the song go, Flaco?

the guacamole queen is there
oh Lawd she’ll really curl your hair.
enchiladas and BBQ
oh baby whatch gonna do
come over here beside me
tell me baby how you been
I get through laying it on you
well you know that I’m back again

Groover’s Paradise
Groover’s Paradise
Groover’s Paradise

It’s good to be back…

3 Responses to The new vintages of López de Heredia have arrived in the Groovers Paradise!

  1. Alfonso says:

    You are such a goober, Jar!

  2. James Taylor says:

    López de Heredia is gooooooood…

  3. [...] Jay McInerney, in the book I just reviewed, said that “Tondonia is one of those secret passwords whereby serious wine wonks recognize their own kind.” Gary Vaynerchuk, in his interview with Maria Jose from the López de Heredia winery on Wine Library TV, speaks of his love for this wine and refers to his wine geek friends who also love López de Heredia Rioja. Eric Asimov, writing in the New York Times, mentions López de Heredia as one of the few examples of good, old-school Rioja that are still around, and elsewhere mentions his “long love affair” with the wines of López de Heredia. Alder Yarrow of Vinography says that there are “few wineries in Spain whose names conjure the heritage and prestige evoked by R. López de Heredia.” Jeremy Parzen of Do Bianchi called López de Heredia one of his favorite wineries in the world. [...]

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