Old-school frico at La Subida

Dinner last night at one of Italy’s greatest culinary destinations, La Subida in Cormons (Gorizia), included this old-school frico. That’s owner Joško Sirk.

Today’s my last here in Friuli. It’s been an amazing trip and I have many tales to tell of my adventures culinary and otherwise in Tuscany, the Veneto, and Friuli. But now it’s time to head back to my wife, my life, and my love, Tracie P

Thanks so much to everyone for keeping up with the blog and following along. The comments and emails mean a lot to me and I’m so glad that folks are enjoying my posts. There will be more to come next week once I catch my breath…

3 Responses to Old-school frico at La Subida

  1. Jon Erickson says:

    Can’t wait to get the details! Great posts, Jar.

  2. tracie p says:

    hey baby! so glad you’re coming home…now go get your fric-on one last time for me ;)

  3. We are parents, my grandfather was Albert Sirk, my grandmother Gizela Skubin de Sirk, my Father Leandro Sirk and me, Mirta Beatriz Sirk.We live in Argentina,in La Plata.
    mi mail: mirtasirk@hotmail.com

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