Get in the van: Bobby Stuckey, apotheosis of cool

That’s Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey on the bus yesterday in Friuli talking to our group about why “Sauvignon Blanc is Friuli’s secret weapon.”

Bobby’s intense wine knowledge and his all-around good vibe have made this trip an extremely interesting and fun experience (however opulent, it’s still a “march,” with EXHAUSTING 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. days visiting wineries and food destinations).

It’s been tough to get online but I’m psyched to get back home next week to Tracie P (I MISS HER SO DAMN MUCH!) and start sharing some more-detailed and in-depth info about the Friulian and Tuscan legs of this amazing trip…

5 Responses to Get in the van: Bobby Stuckey, apotheosis of cool

  1. Scott Luetgenau says:

    Can’t wait, Jeremy. It has been awesome to follow these posts. I totally miss Friuli and your pictures/notes haven’t helped!

  2. Stuckey is da maaan, especially when it comes to Friuli.
    Keep writing, we’ll keep reading!

  3. tracie p says:

    so many stories even i haven’t heard…we’re all waiting for it, 2B. now git yer skinny butt home!

  4. Jack Everitt says:

    I agree with that. It’s almost as if any random bottle of Friuli SB is better than any random bottle of NZ SB.

  5. [...] Although Sauvignon Bianco (Sauvignon Blanc) is not an indigenous variety of Friuli, it had to be included here because of its prevalence and popularity in the region. I rarely reach for international grape varieties cultivated in Italy, but when it comes Friulian Sauvignon Bianco, I can’t agree more with Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey, who likes to call Sauvginon Bianco “Friuli’s secret weap… [...]

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