Three days too many…

Sunday she left New York…

Monday I missed her…

Tuesday I could barely take it…

Here in NYC, I’ve been up since 6 a.m. working on my computer and I have an insane day ahead of me… but my mind and my heart are back in Texas with her… It’s already been three days too many… Man, I miss her…

3 Responses to Three days too many…

  1. Kristi Davis says:

    I just subscribed to your blog as it was recommended to me so I’m assuming you miss your wife. I just had to comment at what a BEAUTIFUL photo that is! I hope you are rejoined with her soon!

  2. tracie p says:

    Thanks kristi!

    2B–pretty pls hurry home and stay a bit! Don’t like all this bein’ without u :(

  3. Sgt. Sassafras says:

    did you hear? Willie cut his hair. Emmy Lou is next. You better get home, pal, things are unraveling back in Texas.

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