Two awesome (new world) wines we tasted at Alice’s

Tracie P and I had a short but delightful visit chez Alice on Sunday afternoon and what visit with Alice would be complete without a proper wine tasting?

I was entirely geeked to taste the 2002 Vat 1 Semillon by Tyrell’s and I was blown away by how good the La Clarine Farm’s 2008 was — especially considering how long the wine had been open…

But, more than anything else, I was entirely blown away by the fact that we tasted two new world wines at her house! And they were both delicious… (Note her tasting notes on the label of the La Clarine Farms… Okay, so I admit, I was STAR STRUCK!)

Thanks again, Alice!

4 Responses to Two awesome (new world) wines we tasted at Alice’s

  1. amy says:

    As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m a big fan of the La Clarine white blend. After Alice raved so much about their wines, I ordered a few to try.

  2. Thor Iverson says:

    One thing, though: that’s way, way too young for a Vat 1.

  3. Kristi Davis says:

    I’ll have to order a few to try as well.

  4. Sgt. Sassafras says:

    Okay, you can retire “blown away” now…

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