Gone fishin… Giant squid taco anyone?

Above: Tracie B gave me a pair of Fender Stratocaster head-stock cuff links as an early present for my birthday this year. The last year has been one of the best of my life… Meeting Tracie B and moving to Austin… but more on that tomorrow… :-)

Today is my birthday and so I’m taking the day off… goin’ fishin’, so to speak.

In the meantime, I’m going to relish every last drop of anticipation for the 1999 Barbaresco Santo Stefano by Giacosa that Tracie B is treating me to tonight to celebrate…

In other news… holy giant squid taco Batman!

In all my years growing up in La Jolla, I never saw anything like this. The video below was shot just a stone’s throw from where I lived as a kid and not far from where my mom and brother and his family live still. Amazing…

9 Responses to Gone fishin… Giant squid taco anyone?

  1. stacy says:

    Have a wonderful Birthday!!! Auguri!

    Ps – the squid thing is weird. sad but interesting…

  2. tracie b says:

    happy birthday love! those cufflinks look so good on you…sorry i couldn’t wait a little longer to give them to you. i can hardly wait for the giacosa either!!

    do you think the squid are available on January 31st?

  3. Simona says:

    Tanti Auguri! Mi raccomando, festeggia come si deve.

  4. simone says:

    Auguri Jeremy!

  5. Do Bianchi says:

    thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I simply can’t tell you how much they mean to me… :-)

  6. David Schachter says:

    Happy birthday! I’ll save something serious to drink with you when I see you next month. Have a great day. Hope the Giacosa shows well.

  7. Eric the Red says:

    If I wasn’t convinced before, those cufflinks did it. Now if they were only teles…..

  8. tracie b says:

    eric, that’s exactly what i thought. i prefaced the gift with “i know you have a telecaster, but they only had stratocaster ones…”

    but he has a strat too! who knew!

  9. Vino NYC says:

    I can’t get over those Fender cufflinks… I know an older gentleman (who looks a lot like me) who’d really dig those.

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