You had me at hello: Cajun-style oysters at Cochon in New Orleans

Above: You had me at hello… The oven-roasted gulf oysters at Cochon in New Orleans.

The food at Cochon in New Orleans last night was fantastic. The wood-fired-oven-roasted gulf oysters, sprinkled with Cayenne pepper, paired beautifully with a bottle of Charles Joguet 2007 Chinon Les Petites Roches. The vegetal notes in the wine were perfect for the spiciness that adorned the oysters and the chewy mouthfeel of the wine was wonderful with the sexy texture of oysters. Oysters and Chinon? Call me crazy but the pairing worked brilliantly.

Above: Moon River…. I’ve only traversed the great Mississippi river a few times in my life and its grandeur always impresses me. I’ve read Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn countless times, one of my favorite books.

I’ll be glad to get back home to Austin tonight but New Orleans is a blast — great folks, great food, great wine, great music, beautiful city — but the people down here are still hurting four years after the disaster. Nearly everyone I’ve come into contact with on a professional level has in some way referenced Katrina. Yesterday we visited the warehouse of a major distributor. The warehouse manager told me how he had to destroy everything he had in stock following the hurricane. “We know a lot about destroying bottles,” he said with a sigh. Today, they’re up and running but using a skeleton crew and bare-boned allocations.

If you are looking for a food and wine destination, check out New Orleans. The folks down here need our support and the food and wine scene is great…

9 Responses to You had me at hello: Cajun-style oysters at Cochon in New Orleans

  1. Cory Cartwright says:

    I said god-damn those look good.

  2. tracie b says:

    hurry home guaglio’!

  3. Dan says:

    Oh yes! Cochon! Glad that you enjoyed it. We’ll be back…

  4. Marco says:

    I could eat a few plates of those ersters.
    Good to hear a shout out for New Orleans. They are still NOT OK.

  5. Brooklynguy says:

    truly excellent quality photo on the oysters. a man of many talents.

  6. [...] thought the shucked shellfish of New York and Long Island could be beat. That lasted until I tasted my first gulf oyster in New Orleans last [...]

  7. ken says:

    Just got back from NO last week.

    I did ate at Cochon, ate the Baked Oyster and the Cochon.

    Any idea what is the recipe for the sauce on the oyster?

  8. feliz says:

    looks so inviting ( or is it because i am dieting and starving ?)

  9. [...] effect of lives touched” described in this article and I couldn’t help but remember my first gulf oyster (above), masticated in New Orleans not long after I moved to Texas, back in February [...]

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