It don’t get more natural than this

Above: Patrizia and Dora of Sanguineto, producers of a natural, traditional-style Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

I’m posting today from Bolgheri, where I’m visiting a few wineries. I can’t get online but for a minute: no wifi or other connection, just a shared computer at the hotel’s front desk. But I wanted to share these pics snapped day-before-yesterday at the Sanguineto winery in Acquaviva (Montepulciano). Ben and I had a blast tasting with the girls and their wines are fantastic.

More later…

10 Responses to It don’t get more natural than this

  1. Strappo says:

    May I say you seem energized now that you’ve left LA?

  2. Noah says:

    Great pics. Love the geese!

  3. AC says:

    love the pics of the chiacchierone.

  4. enotecaejs says:

    Ciao AC

    Dora and Patri are a hoot, and Aquaviva is a little bit of Paradise tucked away in the beautiful province of Tuscany. I import Sanguineto for the West Coast and it sells well in LAX, but I’m looking for a retailer in the SFO/SJ area. Got any suggestions? Let me know please at



  5. tracie b says:

    if willie had a sister…

  6. [...] B and I paired it with Dora and Patrizia’s excellent 2004 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (Sanguineto). The wine showed beautifully: classic red [...]

  7. [...] my shift ended, Jayne and Jon graciously let me pop a bottle of the 2004 Vino Nobile di Montepucliano by Sanguineto I had brought in my wine bag. My pairing? The Jaynes Burger, obviously. Man, I am just so crazy [...]

  8. Ben H says:

    Any idea where these wines can be found in the New York area? Seems they have no importer here, which is odd…

  9. TC says:

    I came across your article while researching natural wines before a trip to Montepulciano and once there, hunted down this wine and winery. The first wine shop I went to in Montepuliciano chuckled when I was looking for them. “Not many tourists know about this! We are very proud of them.” Turns out only two shops in town sold it, the one i was standing in (which was sold out) and one other, which only had three bottles left!

    Since it was a wedding that brought me to Italy, the group wanted to tour a winery so I suggested Sanguineto. We had a fabulous time, the ladies are a hoot. The wine is absolutely delicious.

    Sanguineto is imported to the east coast through Boston. I don’t have the importer info with me right now, but I’ll post again so that those who would like can track it down.

    Thanks for the article — it really made for a special time on my trip!

  10. Rob Becker says:

    Sanguineto wines can be found in New York at Chambers Street Wines.

    Have not found a vendor in the SF area yet.

    Seems like something Kermit Lynch would carry.

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